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Unlocking the potential of coaches through advanced training, empowering test takers with specialized courses, and captivating event planners with dynamic workshops and keynotes.

Training for top performance

For Coaches

Step into the realm of elite performance coaching with Dr. B’s exclusive certification program as a Performance Specialist. Designed for seasoned coaches working with executives, athletes and students.

For Test Takers

Struggling with test anxiety and feeling held back from reaching your true potential? Look no further than Dr. B’s revolutionary course, Crush Your Test Anxiety.

For Event Planners

Searching for a speaker to electrify your upcoming conference, workshop, or team retreat? Meet Dr. B, also known as “The Stress Doctor.”

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Stress Is Not What You Think It Is

Stress Is Not What You Think It Is

Embark on a revealing journey as Dr. B uncovers the true source of stress. While external factors often take the blame, Dr. B digs deeper to unveil its genuine root cause. Get ready to challenge...

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“My short fuse, self-doubt and distractibility were causing me to struggle with my employees and vendors. Dr. B trained me to be calm, confident and focused. That has made all the difference in the success of my business”

— Steve R, CEO

Partial list of possible topics

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“Dealing with Stress Post-Pandemic”

“Worrying Hurts Your Business”

“What You Can Offer Others Right Now”

“Reduce Your Stress, Improve Your Performance”

“Wow, What a Great Dentist Visit!”

“I Hate Tests! How to Ace Them Anyway”

“The Three-Legged Stool: A Model for Success”

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