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Frequently Asked Questions

How does performance training work?

We start with a free, twenty minute exploratory call. I’ll invite you to tell me what you’re seeking and I’ll ask you some clarifying questions. I’ll explain how I work and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have. This is followed one hour in-depth consultation to define your needs and goals and determine if working together seems like a good “fit”. From there we create a coaching agreement that defines how we will work together.

What if I decide that performance training is not for me after I begin?

If, at any point in the coaching process, you would like to stop the coaching, for whatever reason, you will receive a refund of all unused funds.  

What if I want to take a break in the training?

Your funds are held for three months after you pause coaching. Before the three months are over you can request a full refund of available funds.

Is performance training confidential?

Your coaching is completely confidential. Your written permission is required for Dr. B to discuss your work with anyone else, such as consultants, family or friends.

Can I resume performance training at any time?

Dr B’s clients frequently return for follow-up and “booster” sessions. Some clients have returned after a hiatus of one to ten years.

How is performance training different from psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is usually oriented towards a diagnosis and a treatment plan that most often explores the root of emotional issue. Coaching focuses on performance goals and how to achieve them.

Can reading Dr B’s book be a good substitute for performance training?

Dr B’s books are thorough, comprehensive and practical.  While many  people use them as their resource, performance training with Dr B is personalized and tailored to the each individual’s needs and resources.

What does performance training cost?

Pricing for the training is available on request. 

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