About My Work

My Work

Dr. Ben Bernstein


My background includes top-tier training and experience in education, psychology and the performing arts. Along with a Bachelor’s, two Master’s degrees, and a Ph.D in Applied Psychology, I have had personalized training in all three fields by renowned individuals.

What is a “Performance Psychologist”?

I address all of the issues that impede optimal performance and achievement: performance anxiety; physical issues/tension; lack of confidence (self-doubt); lack of motivation; unclear or un-engaging goals; distraction and procrastination.

People who work with me are either stuck, not reaching their potential, or are unfulfilled in their work.

What is “Performance Training”?

Performance Training is a comprehensive evidence-based system that I designed to optimize your performance. It is based on the scientific relationship between stress and performance and includes a system of 9 core tools be calm, confident and focused consistently.

My goal is to train you to be in “The Zone.”

Our work together is a combination of training, coaching, and teaching.

Who do I work with?

I train people of all ages/occupations to be their best. My clients include: amateurs to professionals; test-takers; students at all levels; athletes in all sports; parents; performing artists; executives; lawyers; dentists; writers; surgeons; and public speakers.


Dr. B understands that the boss’ personality parlays itself throughout the whole organization. He has shown me how to be calm, confident and focused in the most challenging situations. This has had a very positive effect on everyone who works with me and on our bottom line.”

– Harris L., Business owner