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June13, 2021

Self Care


The stresses of COVID-19—falling ill, losing friends, colleagues and loved ones, sheltering in place, wearing masks and social distancing—have brought with them a special urgency to take care of ourselves. Psychologist Dr. Alice E. Schluger looks at self-care from the standpoint of the challenges brought on by the pandemic. For Schluger, self-care covers six life domains: physical, professional, relational, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, and the daily habits and lifestyles which influence health management. Read her post, “Self-Care in the Setting of COVID-19”. 




Being a Dad is… well, everything…joyous, heart-wrenching, stressful and filled with love. The works! Familius, the publishing house that has released my three books, is a wonderful resource on fatherhood. Start with reading Zach Bush’s advice for new dads and then check out their “Books Made for Dads by Dads” page. By the way, the publisher himself—the “Pater Familius” as he likes to call himself—is Christopher Robbins, who, with his amazing wife Michele, has fathered—count ‘em—nine children!


Looking Ahead


“What is a Performance Psychologist?” This was the subject of an interview I had on a new podcast platform, OffScrip Media, which is dedicated to providing healthcare information to the masses. Matthew Zachary, host of one of their signature podcasts, and I had a fascinating discussion about stress, anxiety, stage fright, what a modern-day coach means in 2021, and how, back in the day, it still wasn’t ok to tell someone dealing with all sorts of crap to “just get over it.” Check out my interview here.

Good News


When I want a good laugh, I tune into one of the funniest skits I’ve ever seen. It’s simply called “Bob Newhart—Stop It”. Newhart plays as psychotherapist with a highly unique style. If you keep telling the same story to yourself about your suffering and how you can’t get out of that story, this video is a must. It’s had almost 6 million views, which says something about how it speaks to so many people and gets them to laugh. Go to YouTube and type in the search bar: “Bob Newhart Stop It,” and sit back and howl.

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