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In this webinar we are going to review the requirements for our application that we are looking to have developed.

Date: July 20, 2023
Time: 11a PDT
This webinar will be recorded

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We are about to disclose to you valuable information, including plans, concepts, and  ideas for a new standardized test prep prototype (working title, Revolutionary New Test Prep,  involving Dr. Ben Bernstein’s original model set forth in his book Crush Your Test Anxiety combined with AI and VR which we deem confidential (hereinafter collectively referred to as  (the “Information”). 

 You understand and acknowledge that the unauthorized disclosure of the Information by  you to others would irreparably damage us. In consideration of and in return for our disclosing  the Information to you, you agree to keep it secret and hold the Information in confidence and  treat the Information as if it were your own proprietary property, disclosing it to no person or  entity. We agree that the Information shall not be deemed to be confidential to the extent that it  was in the public domain at the time of my communication of it to you, or if the Information  subsequently enters the public domain without breach of any confidentiality obligation to me. 

 This disclosure shall be only for purposes of evaluation to determine your interest in the  commercial exploitation of the Information. You agree not to sell, deal in, or otherwise use or  appropriate the disclosed Information in any way whatsoever including, and without limitation,  

through republication, adaptation, imitation or creating derivative works pending a further  express agreement between us. 

 In the event that you wish to retain any of the Information in your possession for further  review and evaluation, you agree to return the Information to us promptly upon our request. 

 It is understood that except for this requirement of confidentiality you have no other  obligation to us. If, on the basis of your evaluation of the Information, you wish to pursue the  exploitation thereof, we each agree to enter into good faith negotiations to arrive at a mutually  satisfactory agreement for this purpose. Unless and until such an agreement is entered into, this  non-disclosure Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. 

 This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and shall be  binding upon and shall inure to our benefit and to the benefit of our respective legal  representatives, successors, and assigns. Nothing herein shall be deemed to give you any rights  or interest whatsoever in and to the Information. The prevailing party in any action under this  Agreement shall be entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs from the other party hereto.