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November 1, 2020

Self Care


When anyone asks me, “How should I manage my stress?” I’m caught in a bind. I hear the pain, but this perspective on stress is unhelpful.  “Managing” means “having supervisory control or authority over.”  Try “managing” the Corona virus!  Rather I train people to reduce their stress. You can’t reduce the Corona virus, but you can absolutely reduce the stress that you’re feeling. How? By learning to calm yourself down when you start worrying; by being confident that the virus will pass; and by being focused in keeping yourself healthy.  Read my blog post on the Psychology Today website.  Click here. 




Today, I’d like you to turn the focus on compassion towards yourself.  Compassion means “comforting, soothing, validating.”  Let’s start with validating: acknowledge that you are feeling stressed at this challenging time in history. Soothe yourself by regularizing your breath and grounding yourself whenever you start to feel anxious.  Finally, comfort yourself by feeling and expressing your gratitude for all you have and have been given. Start with the people you love and who love you. Positive connection to self and others is deeply healing. 


Looking Ahead


Consider that uncertainty can point the way to possibility, to an opening, even to a creative opportunity.  My recent blog post on the Psychology Today website might give you a different perspective on “uncertainty.”  Click here. 

Good News

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Music and dancing— a rousing, cheering combination—especially in these most challenging times, is an antidote to everything stressful.   See how a craze that started in Angola is catching on around the world.  Click here.

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