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February 14, 2021

Self Care


Meditate to calm down. The mind is so active! It flips between the past and the future (“I should have said that….” or “What’s going to happen when…?”). Come back to the present by following this simple meditation process: Turn off the phone(!). Close your eyes. Inhale (to the count of 4), exhale (to 4), hold (for 3), and then begin the cycle again. When your mind wanders (everyone’s does!), bring your attention back to your breath. On-the-go? Consider downloading a meditation app such as Calm.




Everyone is challenged right now. Some more than others. But it’s important to remember that there’s always someone who is challenged more than you are. Consider helping someone who is less tech savvy connect with their loved ones. In a time where people are short on funds to feed them family, contact companies like Meals on Wheels and Feeding America. See what you can do to serve others.


Looking Ahead


De-cluttering your physical space can also help de-clutter your mental space. Go through that closet and pull all those old jackets off the rack. How many of these do you still wear? Consider donating them to organizations like One Warm Coat. Also, check with any local organizations in your area to see if they are seeking used coats and jackets for the less fortunate.

Good News


The New Year marked the start of a new administration in the United States. The election of President Joe Biden and (Bay Area born !!!) Kamala Harris means big things for everyone. If that’s wasn’t great enough, young people all around the world are coming together to urge their governments to make climate change top issue. Now is the time to step up and save our planet!

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