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Guided Coaching


Six one-hour sessions on Zoom.
Six Saturdays
8:30-9:30a PDT


Sessions will cover:

  1. Setting your personal priorities
  2. Using the 3 tools for being calm
  3. Using the 3 tools for remaining confident
  4. Using the 3 tools for staying focused
  5. Time management
  6. Strategies for test day

All sessions will include a Q&A, with an opportunity
to email Dr. B between sessions.


You will qualify for this group if:

  • You have taken the EPPP before or
  • You are new to the EPPP
  • You are using a test prep method for the EPPP



To enroll in this group is a two step process:

  1. Set up a free consult call with Dr. B.
  2. If you qualify, you will receive your enrollment packet and questionnaire


Two options available:

  1. Pay-by-session: $50/per session
  2. Purchase all six sessions for $250, which includes a free PDF of Crush Your Test Anxiety, and the mp3s Dr. B’s Gentle Prompts for Calming Down.


Free Consultation

Signup for a free consultation with Dr. B so that we can discuss your needs and what I can offer. At the time of the consult please phone me at (510) 318 0223.


“Dr. Bernstein’s work is about cultivating the awareness and connection that keep us calm, confident and focused, in the classroom and beyond. It’s about becoming aware of self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, and it teaches memorable, effective techniques for re-connecting and grounding –– breathing, visualization, and others –– that enable us to be at our best during tests, but equally while giving a presentation, or at a job interview, and even in anxiety-provoking social situations.”

D.H., California

“Dr. B is a brilliant psychologist who has designed a plan to reduce stress and anxiety in test taking, and the skills he helps you hone will serve you throughout your lifetime. Dr. B’s guidance is particularly helpful to those who have subject knowledge, but get bogged down in the worry and anxiety of taking the test. His techniques have improved testing results by over 100 points for students taking the SSAT and SAT exams, as well as those taking licensing board examinations.”

B.T., Maine


“Dr. Bernstein is clearly a scientific thinker, and he brings in a deeply informed and well-researched perspective. The modules build naturally and reinforce the key ideas for helping to reduce anxiety in high stakes situations. I really appreciated the shared focus on mind, body and spirit, with strategies for all three. I also appreciate the practical tips for parents. Dr. Bernstein’s anecdotes from his practice round out his work and make it highly relatable.”

J.A., Georgia