What Does It Involve?

What Does Coaching Involve

What Does Coaching Involve?

Coaching with me has four stages: assessment, goal setting, habit change and implementation.

First we figure out what you need to improve your performance. I ask you questions about the performance situation you are facing: What is happening at the moment? What you would like to happen? I give you a brief self-diagnostic inventory to help clarify where you’re at and what you need. You are also assessing me: Am I understanding you? Do I offer something that sounds like it might help you? If it looks like we are the right “fit” then we agree to work together. I will give you an overview of what the coaching process will entail.

Goal setting:
We look at what you want to achieve and set realistic, achievable goals. These goals are usually connected with a certain time frame or event (such as an upcoming test or performance).

You are going to learn…

There is a relationship between stress and performance
That stress is a function of disconnection.
In order to improve your performance you need to become aware that you are disconnecting, and then use tools to immediately put yourself back on track.

Usually, when a person’s performance is not where they would like it to be, they have non-productive habits that are getting in the way. I teach you to become more aware of these negative habits and then to develop productive, success-building ones by giving you the nine essential tools in my model. There are three tools for being calm, three for remaining confident, and three for staying focused. All nine are easy to learn and to use.

You start putting your awareness and the tools to work. You practice using the tools. Through practice they become second nature and you become more calm, confident and focused. What seemed like a stuck situation starts to change. We conduct assessments periodically to keep close tabs on how you are progressing.


Test Takers
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Test Takers
Test Takers

What Are Your Coaching Options?

Individual Coaching
One-on-one coaching with me for your particular performance needs.
An initial diagnostic session (90 minutes) is followed by a series of coaching sessions that very in length from 30-60 minutes. In these sessions I will:

  • Provide an assessment.
  • Introduce you to the theory of my coaching system.
  • Teach you the nine core tools for reducing your stress and improving your performance.
  • Guide you through the process of applying the tools to your particular performance situation.

When I work with a high school student the first meeting includes the student and at least one parent. We clarify the student’s performance needs and then I work with the student individually. Reports to the parent(s) are regular and also on request, with the student apprised of them.

Individual coaching can be conducted in a variety of ways:

  • In person, face to face: you come to my office or I come to yours.
  • On the phone: if you live outside the Bay Area or if you are traveling. This can include a webcam feature.
  • On the internet: coaching via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and emails.
  • To schedule coaching with me or to ask any questions about my work, contact me directly.

Group Coaching
I run performance enhancement groups in my office and also in the field. These performance groups are lively and highly impactful.

My “in-office” groups have 4-6 participants and each is working on an individual performance issue (examples: more productivity at work; completing projects at home; setting in motion a long-dreamed about plan, etc.). After working through the self-diagnostic inventory, sessions are devoted to:


  • Individual goal setting
  • Checking in: how are you progressing?
  • I teach the nine core tools of my model
  • Group interaction and feedback

In the field, I offer performance groups for businesses, EAPs and HR departments. In these groups we learn the tools for being calm, confident and focused. These tools reduce stress, absenteeism, complaints and high turnover and improve productivity, collaboration, the office atmosphere and overall job satisfaction. These sessions are lively, engaging, practical and impactful. Scheduling sessions (half hour to weekend retreat) depends on the needs of the organization. For more information, contact me.