Keynote speaker and workshop leader


Dr. Ben Bernstein

Keynotes, seminars
and workshops

Both online and live, Dr. B gives memorable keynote addresses and conducts lively, eye-opening training seminars, workshops and retreats.

As events, workshops and retreats move online, Dr B is ready: he doesn’t just sit in front of a camera. He’s animated, moves around, uses engaging graphics and visuals, and gets the viewing audience involved in enjoyable activities. They don’t zone out. Dr. gets them in the zone.

As a coach, teacher and former professional actor, Dr B brings this winning combination to engaging presentations. His style is highly interactive and includes worksheets, dyad and group interchange.

Dr. B addresses groups in healthcare, education, parenting, business, sport psychology and the arts. His speeches and seminars qualify for CE accreditation.

Audience size ranges from eight (on-site in service training) to 1,000 (state wide conferences).

Dr. B will tailor his talk to your group’s needs and always interviews key members to discuss what will be most relevant and useful to the group.


How to book Dr. B for your event

Media Kit

You can download Dr Bernstein’s bio, headshot, speaker requirements, information for meeting planners and one sheet here.


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List of topics

Recent talks and workshops—online and live—have included:

“Dealing with Stress During the Pandemic”

“Worrying Hurts Your Business”

“What You Can Offer Others Right Now”

“Reduce Your Stress, Improve Your Performance”

“Sport Psychology in the Business World”

“Wow, What a Great Dentist Visit!”

“I Hate Tests! How to Ace Them Anyway”

“The Three Legged Stool: A Model for Success”

“Lighten Up! Have Fun in the Office”


He speaks from the heart...

“…Dr. B uses direct, non-jargony language. He’s definitely not a PowerPoint speaker. He delivers quality content in a way everyone can relate to. He’s a passionate, gifted speaker.”
Steve R, High school principal


Dr. B does his homework!

“…I was impressed by the questions he asked before the webinar. Our group felt like he clearly understood us. He’s definitely not a cookie-cutter presenter!”  Cynthia C, Executive Director


Dr. B got the whole audience engaged....

“ …His activities were not only fun, they were immediately useful the next day in the office.” Delilah L., Business owner


We’ve invited him to speak again...

“…The response to Dr. B’s first talk was so positive, we asked him back “by popular demand.” His second talk built on the first one and was great value for our group!” Robert M., CEO